", "We used CloudBerry Drive with Eucalyptus Walrus to emulate a web shared folder, something like Dropbox, and it worked really great. Microsoft Azure is a cloud services operating system that serves as the development, service hosting and service management environment for the Microsoft Azure Platform. ", "We have an MS Azure Storage account and we need to place a huge amount of big files. Home » Categories. Before acquiring CloudBerry Drive it was a very painful task. CloudBerry Backup allows to backup directly to your Microsoft Azure storage account. CloudBerry Drive comes with an easy installation and configuration process that seamlessly integrates cloud storage as a virtual disk within the Windows environment. Facebook; Prev Article Next Article . Now it is as easy and fast as moving them across local drives. Rclone is a command line program to sync files and directories to … MSP360 (CloudBerry) Remote Desktop. The average user? Connecting to Azure Blob Storage: Cloudberry Wiz E. Wig 11/03/2014 Jump to Comments When it comes to hosting everything in the cloud, especially when it comes to websites, you need somewhere to store all your content files with ease. Azure’s solution for handling all your file storage needs is … Encrypt all the data sent to the cloud in order to enhance the security of storing sensitive dataLearn more. ", "I am enjoying the product and it does what I need. CloudBerry Drive is a tool that allows you to mount your cloud storage as a local drive. When using MSP360 Backup you have a choice of cloud storage providers. CloudBerry Drive comes with an easy installation and configuration that seamlessly integrates Microsoft Azure as an external or network drive with the Windows environment. CloudBerry Backup made this critical task easy to setup to ensure all my files are backed up to my Azure cloud storage space. From pCloud Drive and Egnyte Drive, to Mountain Duck and CloudBerry Drive, this article will improve your options for working with cloud-hosted files. Can't add Azure File accounts to Azure Cloudberry I'm trying to add azure file accounts to the the Azure Cloudberry through the CLI using the cbb add accounts commands and I keep getting errors saying that cbb has failed and when I go check out where the the cbb file is located and the file shows 0 KB, which means it's empty. And on more than one occasion, CloudBerry Backup has saved the day by allowing me to easily restore a file from backup and choose which version of the file to restore. Discussions 32. We don’t rent or sell your personal information to anyone. CloudBerry Drive. CloudBerry Drive makes your Azure cloud storage available as local Windows disks or network drives. General discussions. By choosing Backblaze B2 you can save up to 75% on storage costs versus Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud. Configure the predefined set of HTTP headers for every upload and, thus, automate the setting of HTTP headersLearn more. MSP360 Explorer. … This way, files in the Azure Blob Storage can be directly worked on from Windows Explorer and are accessible by other applications that can read mapped drives. Please take a moment to register so that you can participate in the discussions! Rclone. Drag and drop files to the cloud and back **The license is per computer, one time fee, Export/import drive settings on the command line, New storages: vCloud Air (Google, EMC), Verizon, Hitachi, AWS China, Google Cloud support improvement, Amazon S3 Reduced Redundancy Storage (RRS), Auto-start issue on Windows Vista/7 fixed. Drag and drop files to Microsoft Azure and back. First generation VMs are supported (MBR). "When you install and setup the program you can decide what Amazon S3 account to use and what drive letter you will assign to this virtual drive and whether or not you want this drive to be mounted when Windows starts or if you want to mount it later as you need it. CloudBerry Drive for Microsoft Azure is an application that allows users map Azure Blob storage account as a local disk. CloudBerry Backup Enterprise Edition. End users: Stick with the … Contact Us. MSP360, formerly CloudBerry Lab, is a software and application service provider company that develops online backup, remote desktop and file management products integrated with more than 20 cloud storage providers.MSP360 Backup and MSP360 Explorer are offered for personal use in a “freemium” model. CloudBerry Drive makes your Azure cloud storage available as local Windows disks or network drives. We don’t rent or sell your personal information to anyone. Welcome to MSP360 (CloudBerry) Forum! Sign In Create Account. Azure Storage is a service that you can use to store unstructured and partially structured data. Try Now Learn More Simplify configuration, automate common tasks and integrate virtual drive with Command Line interfaceLearn more about CLI in CloudBerry Drive. Blobs typically represent unstructured files such as media content, virtual machine disks, backups, or logs. CloudBerry Drive offers a data encryption facility to meet this need. With monthly billing, no contract, and under your brand, you can leverage cost-effective, elastic public cloud storage, like AWS, Wasabi, and Backblaze B2 to deliver best-in … Use Microsoft Azure as a storage with other third party products and services you use every day: email agents, file managers, office applications and other. Azure storage explorer by MSP360™ comes in two versions: Freeware and PRO. Learn how to use CloudBerry Drive to map your Amazon S3 as a local disk on your computer. Developed by CloudBerry Labs, CloudBerry Backup can connect to Azure, Amazon S3, Google Cloud and over 20 other cloud storage platforms. Cloudberry (English) Cloudberry is a modern cloud based communication service from which you can choose the communication tools that best suite your companys needs. So you guys win on both product and customer service. It allowed me to quickly provision a drive on each computer for employees to access shared files stored in our Amazon S3 bucket. Microsoft Azure provides developers with on-demand compute and storage to host, scale, and manage Web applications on the Internet through Microsoft data centers. The IT heritage is plain to see from the copious and granular information on display. It is easy to use despite all the intimidating steps, and most importantly, the plethora of cloud service providers you can choose from is … The mobile application is part of the service and it offers you an easy and efficient way to collaborate with your collagues. These tools can download or upload only one file at a time. CloudBerry Drive can be downloaded from our software library for free. There's a boatload of options and a similar-sized vessel of supported services: Amazon S3 and Glacier, Microsoft One Drive and Azure, Google Drive, and BackBlaze, just to name a few. Discussions 74. ", "So far the caching that the software does is less buggy than TntDrive. The actual developer of the software is CloudBerryLab. Ever. All Discussions; MSP360™ respects your privacy. The solution is designed to work with major public cloud services, such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. CloudBerry Drive allows you to work with files in Azure storage directly from any file management utility, like Windows Explorer, as though they were located on your local computer. Some ordinary tools are available out there. MSP360™ respects your privacy. The solution is designed to work with major public cloud services, such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. After it is mounted you can use it just like any other hard drive. ", "We attempted to test a competitors’ software at the same time, it did not run correctly, and their customer support was very slow on response, but you guys were on top of the ball. MSP360™ Managed Backup Service is designed for Managed Service Providers and Resellers. ", "I really like the CloudBerry Drive and have found it very easy to use and access my Rackspace cloud files. It allows MSPs, VARs and IT service companies to offer their clients fully branded and remotely managed cloud backup solutions powered by CloudBerry Backup software and Azure secure cloud storage. IT professionals who deploy Azure virtual machines rely on Azure Storage for storing virtual machine operating system and data disks. CloudBerry Central. You can drag and drop files to it and they are then saved in the cloud.