It is obvious, right? He see him grown back limbs in the "Agent of Weapon X" storyline. Yet one hero fans might be surprised on is that the Merc with a Mouth himself, Deadpool, has his own set of villains he faces. Before Deadpool can do that, however, he must arrive and stand before the Front Gates of Evil. Eleanor first appeared in DEADPOOL … Given sufficient non-damaged genetic material, it should be possible to create a genetic clone of Wolverine.. You can find the whole story in Deadpool & Death, Annual 1998, available as an individual issue or as part of Deadpool Classic vol. In these circumstances, common workarounds to his healing factor includes Carbonadium, which is often effective against Wolverine, and magical power, which utterly obliterates him down to the cellular level in order to prevent him from regenerating. Yes, in the appropriately named “Deadpool Kills Deadpool”, Wade Wilson had to team up with himself to stop himself. Hmm, interesting question. Fortunately things are differentiated a bit by the appearances of all the Deadpools, like the pretty self-descriptive Dogpool, Kidpool, and Lady Deadpool. This was tested and partially successful in the creation of X-23.. Seeking to take the project in a new direction, the project's director, Doctor Martin Sutter, recruited renowned mutant geneticist Doctor Sarah Kinney and tasked her with creating a clone. Finally, he will face many Mr Sinisters and eventually triumph in his struggle against this maniacal evil genius of mutant bio-engineering. Watch Ryan Reynolds Clone Himself For A Super Bowl Ad ... it 2016 to warrant having clones of himself starring in a Super Bowl ad. Many people confuse Deadpool and Spider-Man due to the similarities between their costumes. Then he must face the mutant clones of Evil. People unfamiliar with Deadpool have called him "ninja Spider-Man." This can often be chalked up to the plot needing Deadpool to die. That side often comes out around Genesis, a teen mutant who also happens to be a clone of Apocalypse. 4—but … Deadpool has stated that, due to his mask and disfigured face, it is hard for him to enter public places, including Taco Bell. Deadpool… Let us do a small thought experiment - if his arm cuts off, will he grow another arm, or will he grow another body? Way back in DEADPOOL AND DEATH ANNUAL (1998) #1, Kelly established that Death was one of the great loves of Wade Wilson’s life—and we mean the personification of Death (who also happens to be Thanos’ object of desire).However, Wade was willing to kill Death herself if it meant preventing the demise of his daughter, Eleanor Camacho. Deadpool's healing factor can regrow limbs... it just takes longer then reattaching the old one. Deadpool himself is aware of the similarities.